My book ‘chromorama’, which includes the best of my street photography, is featured by The Guardian,, Il Post & Buzzfeed, and was launched at London Street Photography Festival 2018.

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White Edition - Signed First Edition (Third Printing). £35 + Postage & Packing from Austria.


Special Editions:

SOLD OUT - Red Edition - Signed First & Only Edition (limited to 1 copy). Includes a print of ‘Lady in Red’. £85 + Postage & Packing from Austria. SOLD OUT!


SOLD OUT - Green Edition - Signed First & Only Edition (limited to 1 copy). Includes a print of ‘Nest’. £85 + Postage & Packing from Austria. SOLD OUT!


SOLD OUT - Signed Blue Edition - First & Only Edition (limited to 1 copy). Includes a print of ‘The Blue Door’. £85 + Postage & Packing from Austria. SOLD OUT!


SOLD OUT - Ultraviolet Edition - Signed First & Only Edition (limited to 1 copy) - Includes a UV torch to illuminate hidden doodles in the book + a print of ‘Lady in Red’, ‘Nest’, ‘The Blue Door’, and ‘Viewing Platform’. £150 + Postage & Packing from Austria. SOLD OUT!



‘A delightfully eloquent approach to street photography, also revealing of an intelligent, curious and playful engagement with the world out there. Michael Goldrei’s sharp eye for ironic detail brings life to the urban environment and generously invites the viewer to be part of it’ – Mimi Mollica, photographer

‘First books are a difficult thing to pull off; Michael has taken the plunge and you feel the effort. Presented here are some great street photos which hold your attention. In fact I want to take a few away with me: the seated woman with the hat, the forlorn dog amid the hedge cuttings, but most of all the best pair, a hanging outstretched black jumper and a man at one with a lamppost’ – David Gibson, photographer

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9 July 2018

The first copies have arrived!

Seen here is the White Edition (left, limited in the first edition to 42 copies) and the Red, Green, and Blue Editions (right, limited to one copy each). Not seen, the super special copy (although I have it in my hands!) Prices coming in the next few days...

27 June 2018

I've finally finished designing my book and ordered a test copy!

It includes 38 of my best street photos and will come in a regular (White) edition limited to 42 copies in the First Edition.

Then there are the super limited (1 copy each) Red Edition, Green Edition and Blue Edition which will come with something extra.

And then the coolest edition of them all, which I’ll reveal at a later date, also limited to 1 copy.

I’ll announce prices in the next few weeks and update you here.

14 June 2018

The past couple of months have been spent working on it, and shown here is a mock-up of the cover. The book will contain what I consider to be my best street photographs, taken at various locations around the world.

I'll have news soon on the exact pricing, but it should be around the £30-40 mark (plus P&P), with 30-40 photos. I'll also be creating 4 limited edition copies with some special extra features at a higher price. If you want to avoid the P&P cost I can of course bring one to you if we're meeting up, or you can come and find me at the festival in August and get one signed there :)

If you think you'll want to purchase a copy, please email me on and I'll reserve one for you.

The 'sequencing wall', which I've been using to decide on the contents of the book. Not everything shown here will make the final cut!

Just some of the shots that WILL appear in the book.
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